Jason Aldean Halloween ControversyUh-Oh... Jason Aldean has sparked controversy after he dressed up in blackface on Halloween.
Luke Bryan Meets His Littlest FanLuke Bryan might not be the toughest name for us adults to pronounce, but for his smaller fans, it can be a bit of a struggle.
Selfie Video Gone WrongThis is why you should never try to 'selfie' when there is a fire involved.
John C. Stennis Catches Amazing PhotoThese are probably two things you would probably never see or hear in the same sentence: a warship and a rainbow. A Navy photographer was able to catch both in a priceless moment while on board the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier.
Did Jason Aldean Have A Secret Wedding?Should we be congratulating Jason Aldean on something? Did the country star and Brittany Kerr secretly get married?
The Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 8-27Warning: If you take a selfie with someone else in the car, you'll get busted in the most hilarious way.
The Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 8-14This girl will never delete a picture again. She instantly regretted it the first time.
No One Wants Taylor Swift's AutographTaylor Swift may be a Grammy award winning singer and songwriter, but apparently, no one wants her autograph. There is a reason for it though. Why get something signed, when you can snap a selfie?
Show Us How You Do SummertimeSummer is finally here, and hopefully that means fun in the sun with friends, family, and loved ones. We want to be a part of your summer by having you share your summer pictures with us.
See The Mugshot Melting Hearts [Photo]People are normally embarrassed by their mugshots, but one guy might be able to use his for a modeling head-shot.
Send Love To Dad On FacebookFather's Day is here, and there are so many amazing dads out there that deserve to be recognized. That's why we invite you to post a picture of your dad to our Facebook page to show your love and gratefulness.
The Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 5-16How do you get a large crowd of loud ladies to be quiet? Easy. You take a picture.

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