Seth and Kat Have Santa's Cell Phone NumberThis may be the most important phone call you've ever made! Seth and Kat are very close friends of Santa Claus, and he let them in on one of the biggest secrets. He gave them his TOP SECRET cell phone number!
Cheating Wife Caught By Fans At A Baseball GameYou never know what will happen at a baseball game. You could catch a fly ball, or you could catch a woman who is apparently cheating on her husband. That's apparently what happened when two sisters were at a baseball game in Atlanta.
Selfie Video Gone WrongThis is why you should never try to 'selfie' when there is a fire involved.
The Best Game Ever Is Coming To Your PhoneIf you weren't already addicted to your phone, there is no doubt you will be now that Mario and Luigi are heading to your smartphone.
Must See: Basketball Fan Gets A Shot To The FaceWarning: put your phone away at a sporting event because you never know when that ball will come flying your way.
Video: What Not To Do While DrivingWarning Parents: Sure it's cute when your kids are goofing off or dancing in the backseat, but it's not worth totaling your car and harming everyone inside.
We Have Santa's Cell Phone NumberForget to send your letter to Santa? Need to plead your case to "the big man" to get off the naughty list? You're in luck! Tommy and Joe Johnson have Santa's TOP SECRET personal cell phone number.
The First iPhone 6 Fail [Video]Think you're having a bad day? Try buying the first iPhone 6 and then dropping it on the ground. Yes, it happened.
The Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 8-27Warning: If you take a selfie with someone else in the car, you'll get busted in the most hilarious way.
Parents Are Loving This New AppSay 'goodbye' to the days when your kid won't answer your call or forgets to call you back. A frustrated mom designed an app for parents who run into the problem of trying to reach their teens, but going unanswered.
Your Phone Is Always Tracking YouIt's never a bad thing to know where you've been in case you lose something, but do you really want your phone tracking your every movement?
Turn Your Phone 90 Degrees [VIDEO]Have you ever shot a video on your phone while holding it tall-ways? Then this song was written just for you!

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