Seth and Kat's Watershed Hints, Tips and TricksFirst time at Watershed? Returning to The Gorge? We have all the secrets you need to know whether you're a Watershed professional or a rookie Shedder.
Seth and Kat's 4 Things You Need To Know-July 28thBatman in Seattle? Now is the time to get that Powerball ticket, who just joined 'The Voice', and how your food is about to change yet again.
Seth and Kat's 4 Things You Need To Know-July 14thNow is the time to get your Powerball ticket, Pokemon GO is breaking records (and our patience), Emmy awards announced, Barbie is heading to the White House.
Garth Brooks Is the Country Money Making KingAnother day, another Forbes list to make us all feel inferior in the money department.
Seth and Kat's 4 Things You Need To Know-July 12thIt's like Christmas in July today with some great online deals, who is the top money-making entertainer, tragic news for a country singer, and how to score free food for dressing like a cow.
Seth and Kat's 4 Things You Need To Know-June 22ndWhat's next for Nashville, the Hollywood cat-fight that just got messier, new emojis coming to a phone near you and what to do with that Cheeto that looks like Harry Potter.
Seth and Kat's 4 Things You Need To Know-June 10thSaying goodbye to a sports icon, who is/is NOT house hunting in Hollywood, who just slapped some sense into Justin Bieber, and how much are we spending on first dates?
Kenny Chesney Is One Of The Highest Paid Musicians Of The YearCountry artists have no problem bringing in the money, and a couple rank high on the list of the highest-paid musicians of the past year.
Seth and Kat's 4 Things You Need To Know-May 4thWe're talking about the speech that turned into a boxing match, Powerball, moms and rich kids thanks to Facebook.
Seth and Kat's 4 Things You Need To Know-April 21stHere are the things you need to know, top stories, what people are talking about, and what's trending this morning.
Country Stars Earning Big MoneyFor years, Toby Keith has been one of the highest-paid country celebrities; but someone else took the top country spot this year.
You Can Get $97,000 To Coordinate BathroomsWhen you gotta go, you gotta go... and now King County officials are making sure bus drivers have the chance to 'go' while on duty.

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