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Kenny Chesney’s Dad Gets Busted

Kenny Chesney’s dad found himself in jail after allegedly assaulting another man with a golf club.


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Good Behavior In Jail Gets Seahawks Privileges

If you’re in jail, you really don’t have much to look forward to besides getting out. But inmates from Washington also look forward to watching Seattle Seahawks games. That is, if they behave.



See The Mugshot Melting Hearts [Photo]

People are normally embarrassed by their mugshots, but one guy might be able to use his for a modeling head-shot.


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A New Lindsey Lohan Mugshot…Yay!

Lindsey had to turn herself in this week for her misdemeanor charge of lying to police and violating her probation from a car accident. She also has to serve 90 days in a lockdown rehab […]


Taylor Swift (Photo: Getty Images)

Taylor Swift’s Ex-BF Arrested!

Taylor likes her bad boys, let’s just hope this stint in the slammer doesn’t make her want him back! You might be surprised to find out just WHO is in trouble with the law… Conor […]



Mom Gives 11 Year Old A Tattoo!!

A thirty year old mother from North Carolina was arrested the other day. The mother who is obsessed with tattoos and body art inked up her 11 year old daughter. She gave the girl a […]


San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch Got A DUI!!

Marshawn Lynch received  a DUI the other night.  After cops tested him to find his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit he was arrested and taken to jail.


Justin Bieber, Hair Clippings Sell For $40,000

Was Justin Bieber Involved In Car Chase?

Justin Bieber was chased by paparazzi this past weekend. He tired to lose the tail by speeding down a California freeway. He was eventually pulled over by Highway patrol after other drivers called him in […]


Security High At Los Angeles Dodger's Home Opener

This Is Absolutely Hilarious!!!

Watch this funny video of an arrested drunk guy belting out Queens Bohemian Rhapsody from the back seat of a police car.



There’s Always Time For Facebook!!

26 year old Travis Nicolaysen has been running from police since Wednesday of last week. In the past he has been convicted of multiple felonies. He is now wanted for failure to check in with […]