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Reba Has A Surprise

2014 is proving to be a year of country music legends making big returns. First Garth Brooks, and now Reba McEntire is teasing fans about a “big announcement”.



Ditching Daughter Gets A Dose Of Humiliation [Video]

There’s nothing like public humiliation to teach a kid a lesson. When a mother in Wyoming learned her daughter was skipping school, she decided to take to social media to shame her child.


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Facebook Interns Might Make More Money Than You

This might make you re-think your career goals. Before they even graduate high school, some Facebook interns end up bringing home more money than the average full-time employee.


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No One Wants Taylor Swift’s Autograph

Taylor Swift may be a Grammy award winning singer and songwriter, but apparently, no one wants her autograph. There is a reason for it though. Why get something signed, when you can snap a selfie?


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Cheerleader In Trouble For Hunting Pictures

You wouldn’t think many people would have a problem with a 19-year-old blonde cheerleader posting pictures on Facebook. That’s not the case with Kendall Jones.



Show Us How You Do Summertime

Summer is finally here, and hopefully that means fun in the sun with friends, family, and loved ones. We want to be a part of your summer by having you share your summer pictures with us.



See The Mugshot Melting Hearts [Photo]

People are normally embarrassed by their mugshots, but one guy might be able to use his for a modeling head-shot.


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Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend Sells His Dog On Craigslist

Talk about winning the WORST ex-girlfriend of the year award. A soldier deployed in Afghanistan discovered his ex-girlfriend sold his dog while he was overseas.


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Send Love To Dad On Facebook

Father’s Day is here, and there are so many amazing dads out there that deserve to be recognized. That’s why we invite you to post a picture of your dad to our Facebook page to show your love and gratefulness.


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What Was This Bride Thinking? [Photo]

A Tennessee woman just tied the knot, but her wedding isn’t what people are talking about. It’s her dress. No, it wasn’t because of the color of the dress, it’s because she tied her baby to the train of her dress and dragged the baby behind her as she walked down the aisle.




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