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The Johnson And Johnson Videos Of The Day 8-21

This is something you have to see to believe, and we STILL can’t believe it!


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Marshawn Lynch Parks His Lambo In Style [Picture]

Marshawn Lynch may not love talking with the media, but there are two things he does love: Skittles and his Lamborghini.



The Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 6-9

It can be hard to shop for mom and dad because sometimes they tell you “they’re just happy spending time with you”. That may be true, but this dad was also pretty excited to get a ’57 Chevy on his 57th birthday.


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Brett Eldredge Surprises Singing Fan [Video]

You might want to look around the next time you’re singing your favorite song in your car. You may think you’re all alone, but you could be wrong like this girl was.


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The Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 3-21

What stupid things did you do in your first year of driving?


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Joe Johnson Hits The Big 100,000 [Video]

St. Patrick’s Day was a big day for Joe Johnson from the Johnson and Johnson Morning Show.



The Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 12-13

With it being Friday the 13th, there is nothing worse than a case of bad luck. Some people tend to think that they have the worst luck today. In reality, all Winter long people have bad luck.


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The Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 11-5

Jumping out of a plane is no easy task. If it was, more people would try it, but skydiving is a huge accomplishment in itself. The minute you jump out of a plane, the first thing you should be thinking is getting that parachute up. One California skydiver was more focused on landing in a moving convertible.


Rescue workers from the fire department

Today’s Wildest News Story!!

Listen to this amazing story. A man walked almost ten  miles bare footed to get help for his friend. The two men were in a rollover accident near the town of Carbonado. Fire crews were in shock when he showed […]


Mississippi Flooding At Near Record Levels

Why Did The Salmon Cross The Road?

Why did the Salmon cross the road?? What this video and you will find out!!




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