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Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 11-21

We’ve all been stuck in traffic, but never had as much fun with it like this woman.


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The ‘Pitches’ Are Back [Video]

The Barden Bellas are back and better than ever in the new ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ trailer. Yes, we admit that we got sucked into the craze of the first ‘Pitch Perfect’ movie.


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First Hand Look At Massive Buffalo Snow Storm [Video]

Tommy has a friend, Liz Mantel, living right where the snow storm hit hard; and since she can’t exactly leave her house, she called to tell us about what’s happening.


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Thanksgiving Talk With Trisha Yearwood [Audio]

We had a blast chatting with Garth Brooks last week, but after waking him up three times, we were a little scared when his wife Trisha Yearwood called us up today.



The Music Stars NFL Fans Love The Most

The 12th Man fans love Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Richard Sherman; but they also love Justin Timberlake.


Miranda Lambert

Kid Wants Miranda Lambert At His Birthday Party [Video]

We all have big dreams for our birthdays. We expect tons of friends, great gifts, and amazing memories. This little soon-to-be 4 year-old is no different. He’s even added Miranda Lambert to the guest list for his birthday party.



Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 11-19

You’ve seen hamsters eat burritos, but have you seen them eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner?


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Marshawn Lynch Pulls A Good Samaritan Move

Normally, losing your wallet would be a bad thing. But for one 12th Man Fan, it turned out to be a good thing because Marshawn Lynch drove out of his way to return the wallet of a Seattle-area man who dropped it at a gas station where Lynch was filling up.


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Miranda Lambert’s Current Playlist

Miranda Lambert is at the top of numerous playlists, but who is the country superstar currently obsessing over on her own playlist?


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Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 11-18

Some people just aren’t blessed with the ability to whistle. This little kid is one of these people.



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