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Chris Cruise

Chris Cruise can be heard weeknights on 94.1 KMPS.  From talking on the radio to DJing at concerts and everything in between, Chris has done it all.

He’s a video game fanatic, dog lover, and box wine aficionado. CC isn’t your typical country guy.  Actually, he’s not your typical guy at all.

Catch Chris hosting The Cruise weeknights from 6pm to midnight on 94.1 KMPS!

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Chris Cruise

So Long Seattle

You’ve been hearing me say ridiculous things on your radio every night for the last two years.

However, tomorrow will be my last day with 94.1 KMPS.


Credit: Chris Cruise

Snapchatting The Shamrock Show

Last night’s Shamrock Show got a little crazy.

Come along on my Snapchat adventure backstage to see how everything went down.


7 Reasons Why Mickey Guyton Should Date Me

The first time I met country singer Mickey Guyton, I thought “Wow, what a beautiful and talented girl.”

The second time I met country singer Mickey Guyton, I thought “Holy crap I’m going to marry this girl.”


Spider Man as seen in 'Captain America: Civil War'

The New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Is Here!

Yes, I know that’s a picture of Spider Man, not Captain America.

Do you know why? Because ol’ Web Head snuck his way into the new trailer!



Want More Right Swipes On Tinder? Get One Of These Jobs!

One surefire way to get more matches on the mobile dating app Tinder is simple: Be really really really good looking. Not attractive? No worries! Having one of these jobs will land you more dates.


The Chipmunks Sing ‘2016 Don’t Be Late’

2015 was an insane year. Celebrity babies, celebrity break-ups, huge movies, and everything in between.

Let Alvin, Simon and Theodore sing us through all the crazy stuff that happened in the last 365 days.


Darth Trump

Two topics that people can’t stop talking about right now: Star Wars, and Donald Trump.

Regardless of your political affiliation (be it Republican, Democrat, Imperial Senate, or otherwise), this mash up is pure gold.


Chris Cruise Haunted

Is CBS Seattle Haunted?

There’s a rumor going around that our upstairs offices are haunted.

Even our cleaning crew refuses to go in there.


Chris Cruise and Lauren Alaina

“OOH or EW” with Lauren Alaina

At the 8 Man Jam, Chris Cruise and Lauren Alaina debuted America’s new favorite game show “OOH or EW!”

The game is as silly and simple as it sounds.


Taylor Swift And Natalie Maines Sing ‘Goodbye Earl’

Swifty has made it a “thing” to bring out members of her pal-tourage on stage during her 1989 World Tour. Lisa Kudrow, Fetty Wap, and our very own Russell Wilson have all graced Taylor’s stage this summer. […]


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