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King Felix Pitches 15 K’s

The King strikes again! Felix Hernandez broke another personal record today in his start against Tampa Bay, as he struck out a total of 15 batters over the course of 7 innings! Watch the King […]


Paul Walker

Porsche Sued Over Crash That Killed Paul Walker

Pull up a chair and follow along now (and get ready for a run-on sentence). The wife of the man, who was driving the car that crashed, that actor Paul Walker was riding in, that […]


Image: Stephen Cohen/ Getty Images

140th Kentucky Derby Winner

Hats? Check. Suits? Check. Horses with fun names? Check. This weekend is a WET one here in Seattle, but it was prime racing conditions in Kentucky for the 140th Kentucky Derby. Yes, there’s controversy about […]


Image: Otto Greule Jr/ Getty Images

Mariners Smoak’in Save

In the words of the Late Great Dave Niehaus, “My Oh My”! Did you see the game-saving, single-player, double play that Justin Smoak made against the Texas Rangers last night?! If you missed it, check […]


Photo: Carsten Koall / Getty Images

Gorilla Easter Egg Hunt (VIDEO)

Ahhh the Gorilla. A majestic animal who can be incredibly cute, yet oh so intimidating at the exact time. Will they be your friend? Or in the spirit of Easter, will they only be looking […]



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