Garth Brooks Shares Sweet Story About The Fan Who Bought His Sixth Million Ticket

Garth Brooks just celebrated something MASSIVE! Not only is he returning to Seattle/Tacoma for the first time in almost 20 years and selling tickets for his 5 shows left and right; but he has sold SIX MILLION tickets during his World Tour!!!! (Probably selling even more as you read this!)

No one has ever sold that many tickets during one tour of North America, according to “Billboard.”

The tour will end in December in Nashville with estimates that he will sell around 6.5 million tickets by the last date!

While talking about his record-setting sales during his weekly Inside Studio G series, Garth shared a story of the woman who purchased the sixth million ticket.

She was sitting alone about seven or eight rows from the top of the arena in the upper level for his show this past weekend in Indianapolis according to Rare Country. 

Garth explained, “She bought four tickets, but couldn’t get them all together. Four single tickets, scattered. She gave the three better tickets to her girlfriends, and she kept the worst one for herself. Now, that’s sweet right there. She put all her friends first.

Of course, Garth and his team made sure she was fully taken care of for the show after hearing her story.

Garth said, “All these stories, it can’t just be luck of the draw. I think what all these stories represent, that you could have picked any one of the six million people out, any one of the six million ticket holders and they would be sweet people who are doing the best they can in this world, loving one another, and that’s who we get to play for. Country music artists are the luckiest people on the planet because they get to play for people like that.”

He added, “Every ticket has a story, and I’m lucky enough, I’ve got six million stories going here. It’s a beautiful marriage. So sweet.”

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