Dealership Gives Free Truck To Veteran Who Helped Save Lives in Las Vegas

An Arizona car dealership spent the past week trying to get in touch with a 29-year-old Iraq War veteran after he was recognized as a hero for commandeering a truck to save critically injured victims during the Las Vegas shooting.

B5 Motors dealership in Arizona took to Facebook last week to ask the public for help to track down former Marine, Taylor Winston, after hearing his story from Route 91.

Winston told “CBS This Morning” he was dancing with his girlfriend just moments before the shooting that killed 58 and injured nearly 500.

He heard popping sounds that he first thought were fireworks but were rapid-fire bursts of gunfire according to KING 5.

After climbing over a fence to safety, Winston and a friend looked for ways to help those still in danger, so he began checking nearby trucks for keys.

“First one we tried opening had keys sitting right there. I started looking for people to take to the hospital,” Winston told CBS. “There was just too many, and it was overwhelming how much blood was everywhere.”

Winston told KGTV he looked for victims with the most serious injuries. He loaded them into the truck bed and drove them to Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center. He made two trips before ambulances arrived on scene, CBS reported.

The dealership was able to get in touch with Winston, and yesterday he picked up a silver Ford F-150.

The dealership owner said he didn’t mind if Winston kept the truck, gives the vehicle away or sells it. He just wanted to express his appreciation.

Winston has said plans to sell his current vehicle and donate the money to victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

The veteran also told KGTV, “There’s a lot of unsung heroes that day that stood up and helped people.”

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