Blake Shelton Chimes In About Luke Bryan’s Upcoming ‘Idol’ Gig

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan might be buddies, but now they’re about to be on competing shows so the gloves are off!

Kidding…there is no bad blood between “BLUKE”.

Blake Shelton’s been a staple coach on NBC’s “The Voice” since 2011. Meanwhile, Luke Bryan officially signed on to be a judge on the upcoming “American Idol” reboot.

So when he was asked about Luke’s new gig, Blake had only hilarious things to say.

“I think people are going to realize just how dumb he really is when they see him on national television, in an environment where there’s no script,” Shelton joked with Entertainment Tonight

He continued on saying, “But you’re also gonna see what a great, great, dude that guy is.”

Blake also confessed that the news was no surprise to him, and he even helped Luke negotiate an asking price.


“I don’t know that he asked for my advice, but we had a lot of conversations about him joining ‘Idol’.”

Shelton continued, “I guess in a way, I gave him my thoughts on it and about how I felt about it on behalf of him. I’m sure the executives at ABC are really pissed at me right now for what they probably had to pay him to get him on that show. But good for you, Luke! Stick it to ’em! I mean, Luke Bryan is not cheap. He looks it, but he’s not.”

Luke will sit alongside fellow judges Lionel Richie and Katy Perry on the new version of “American Idol,” which moves to ABC after airing on FOX for 15 seasons, is set to begin in early 2018.

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