Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-September 19th


Hurricane Maria is traveling along a similar path to Hurricane Irma, and the “extremely dangerous” storm made landfall on the small island of Dominica Monday night as a Category 5 storm, then weakened ever-so-slightly to a Category 4. Maria was pummeling  Dominica with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph as it surged into the eastern Caribbean, and forecasters warned it might become even stronger. It’s not yet clear whether Maria poses a threat to Florida, with the still-lingering Hurricane Jose expected to weaken the rival storm’s ridge as it moves to the northeast. But, as Irma proved, forecasts this far out are anything but trustworthy. (Read more from CBS News)


Would you be willing to share your house with strangers in exchange for a home down payment? A startup company in Seattle wants to give potential homeowners up to a $50,000 down payment in exchange for those homeowners renting out a spare bedroom for up to 357 days of the year. Per the New York Times, the Seattle-based company Loftium is willing to fork over tens of thousands of dollars in down payments if recipients agree to put up one bedroom on Airbnb for almost the entirety of three years. Those who take Loftium up on the deal would be required to list the Airbnb for all but eight “freebie” days a year and split the profits, with the startup taking about a two-thirds cut. If the room goes unoccupied, Loftium covers the revenue shortfall. Ending the arrangement early means the homeowner would be required to “pay their share of the nights remaining, plus 15 percent of that amount, within a week.”


Ryan Phillippe’s ex-girlfriend is suing him, claiming he abused drugs and assaulted her. Elsie Hewitt says she went to pick up things from his house on July 4th and realized he was extremely drunk. She says he eventually attacked her, grabbed her upper arm so hard it left heavy bruises, and violently threw her down the stairs. He allegedly continued his assault and threw her down the stairs again, then screamed, “Get the f*** out of my house you crazy c**t.” Hewitt went to the hospital, cops took a report, and she got a protective order. Now she wants more than $1 million. Sources close to Ryan, however, say she showed up to his house uninvited and drunk several days after he broke up with her. They claim it was Hewitt who was drunk during the incident, attacking him and falling down the stairs. They add that the L.A. City Attorney refused to prosecute Phillippe after investigating the incident. (Read more from PEOPLE)


According to the cybersecurity firm McAfee and AP News, Avril Lavigne is the “most dangerous” online celebrity, meaning searches for her name are the most likely to deposit web surfers on websites that contain viruses or malware. McAfee says this is due in large part to the online conspiracy that Lavigne has been replaced by an impostor. Lavigne, who was ranked second in 2013, unseats last year’s “winner,” Amy Schumer. Below are the 10 most dangerous online celebrities:
  1. Avril Lavigne
  2. Bruno Mars
  3. Carly Rae Jepsen
  4. Zayn Malik
  5. Celine Dion
  6. Calvin Harris
  7. Justin Bieber
  8. Sean “Diddy” Combs
  9. Katy Perry
  10. Beyonce
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