Garth Brooks Gives His Guitar to Mother of Young Cancer Survivor

Garth Brooks is known to go above and beyond for his fans.

He offered to pay for a couple’s honeymoon.

He also offered to pay for an unborn child’s college tuition while helping with a gender reveal.

This time, the country superstar paused his Calgary concert when he noticed a fan holding a simple cardboard sign that read, “Today my son is cancer-free.”

Gale Gariepy told CTV Calgary  that she was in town for her six-year-old son’s cancer treatment.

And just hours before the show, she received news that after a 13-month battle with leukemia, Mason was finally cancer-free.

“If you need something to be happy about, this would be it,” Brooks told the crowd in Calgary’s Saddledome.

For more than two minutes, Brooks chatted with Gariepy from the stage, asking about Mason and his fight.

Brooks then said, “So I’ll tell you what — I need you to take something to Mason from me, okay?”

The country star then borrowed a marker and scrawled a note to Mason (“Take care of your mama!”) before signing the guitar.

“May you never have to worry about the frigging C-word again, honey,” Brooks exclaimed as the crowd cheered. “You give Mason a hug for me. You have all of my strength and all of my joy. Congrats!”

Video from the concert that’s now been viewed on Facebook more than a quarter of a million times.


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