Kelly Clarkson Gets Dive-Bombed By A Bat

Clearly Kelly Clarkson has a bat problem on her hands.

The singer was recording a video while cruising around on her land when she noticed a bat that kept flying nearby according to Taste Of Country.

Clarkson didn’t seem too startled by the flying creature, but she did keep a close eye on it.

And it’s a good thing she was watching closely because without warning, the bat came flying right at Clarkson.

Clearly terrified and reacting to watch just happened, her phone fumbles out of focus.

She posted the dive-bomb attack and even added the hashtags #BatmanVSKelly #BatSignal and her hilarious newly coined phrase #KaJesus.

Riding around trails on our land at night 😂 #BatmanVSKelly #BatSignal #KaJesus #WaitForIt

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