Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-August 21st

Total Solar Eclipse Day!


It’s safe to say the U.S. is in the grips of solar eclipse fever. In fact, UPI reports that the rare event could lead to one of the largest mass migrations of all time, as a conservative estimate of two to seven million people may travel to get a proper view of the eclipse. The fervor is due to the fact that so much of the U.S.–a swath 70 miles wide and 2,800 miles long–is in the so-called path of totality, where the moon will completely cover the sun.

Anyone who doesn’t want to risk damaging their eyes (or who can’t get out of work) have options to watch the eclipse online. NASA will be running a stream starting at noon EST on Facebook, YouTube, UStream and via its app. San Francisco’s Exploratorium’s will also be running a stream from locations in Oregon and Wyoming, while an astronomy website called Slooh is doing a whopping five-hour live broadcast at starting at 11:30 a.m. EST. (Read more about how to watch the eclipse live from LA Times)

National Geographic has compiled this list of five amazing things you’ll be able to see during the phenomenon:
  1. Diamond ring effect: About 15 seconds before the moon completely covers the sun, only a tiny crescent of sunshine is left and the sun’s faint upper atmosphere begins to come into view. Around this time, the sliver of bright sunlight transitions into a stunning burst around the sun’s edge to create a diamond ring effect.
  2. Baily’s beads: In the final seconds before and after totality, a series of white glowing dots of sunlight known as Baily’s beads–named for astronomer Francis Baily–appear along the edge of the moon’s silhouette.
  3. Solar flares: Just as the moon begins to totally cover up the sun, titanic flares called solar prominences become visible and peek out from the edge of the darkening disc.
  4. The corona: The moments when the moon fully covers the sun is the only time people on Earth can see the corona–the pastel-colored rings around the sun–without special equipment.
  5. Planets and stars: On August 21, Venus and Jupiter will appear the brightest, as they will sit nearly halfway across the open sky during the eclipse. Mars and Mercury will be much closer to the sun and visible.


Powerball officials say there was no grand prize winner in the latest drawing, meaning one of the nation’s largest lottery jackpots will continue growing. No ticket matched all six numbers following Saturday night’s drawing. The winning numbers are: 17, 19, 39, 43, 68 and Powerball 13. The new jackpot for Wednesday’s drawing is $650 million, which would be the third-largest jackpot in U.S. history. The prize has grown so large because no one has matched all six balls in more than two months, 21 straight drawings, so the jackpot has grown after every drawing. The odds of winning the giant prize is one in 292.2 million. (Read more from NBC News)


Taylor Swift, one of the most popular celebrities on social media, wiped all her accounts on Friday, sending fans into a frenzy over whether the pop singer had been hacked, was preparing to launch a new album, or was about to reinvent herself. Swift, who has 85 million Twitter followers and 102 million Instagram followers, deleted all of her Instagram photos, her posts on Tumblr, and removed her avatar from her Facebook page where all postings prior to December 2015 were missing. She also deleted years of Twitter posts, and her website showed just a black screen. The normally ever-present Swift largely dropped out of public view earlier this year after a highly-publicized but short-lived 2016 summer fling with Tom Hiddleston, and feuds with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Katy Perry.


Last week, Hillary Scott and Lady A bandmate Dave Haywood announced that they both have new babies on the way. But Hillary had a little extra news that wasn’t announced at the time. She’s expecting not one but two babies! The singer took to Instagram to share her happy news that she’s expecting twins with a sweet video of her and husband Chris Tyrrell explaining to their daughter that she’s about to be a big sister.

God has answered our family's countless prayers! Our family is growing…Chris, Eisele, and I wanted to share our DOUBLE portion of joy with you all! We appreciate all the love and prayers in the coming weeks as we wait (somewhat patiently if you're Chris and I, and impatiently if you're Eisele 😂) for these precious BABIES to arrive. Yep, babies! We are having TWINS! It's truly a miracle. Because we've been so open about our last pregnancy loss and journey, I want to be fully transparent with you that this happened naturally. Chris nor I have any family history of twins that we can find and are just resting in the profound gift this truly is. My heart still grieves for our loss and all who are struggling with pregnancy and infant loss and infertility. God hears every prayer and I will continue to share our story to point to the Source of all life, peace and comfort in the best and most difficult of times. Don't lose hope! Thank you @hodgesusry for capturing this priceless moment and make sure you swipe to see all the sweet moments @montgomeryleephoto captured on the day we told Eisele. Love and blessings to all! The Tyrrell's

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