Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-August 8th


Millions of people will flood America’s roadways to score a prime spot from which to watch the historic August 21 solar eclipse. To do so without damaging their eyes, they’ll need to wear special sunglasses, but counterfeiters are flooding the market with shady specs. Prices range from as little as 99 cents for a pair of paper-frame glasses to $20 or $30 for a more stylish plastic set. So how do you tell if a pair of eclipse shades is legit? “The lenses of fakes allow the penetration of light from such relatively faint sources as fluorescent lamps, while the only thing one should see through authentic solar-safe filters when looking at objects fainter than the sun is pitch blackness,” reports Reuters. CBS adds that legitimate sunglasses should bear the icon “ISO 12312-2.”

Krispy Kreme is trying to make the eclipse a more immersive experience by adding an edible component. On the same day of the total solar eclipse, August 21, the doughnut shop will be releasing a very special, never-before-seen doughnut — a chocolate rendition of its beloved Original Glazed. But before doughnut fans think they have found their new chocolatey go-to, there’s a catch — the chocolate creation will only be available for that one single day in stores. However, Krispy Kreme’s will be hosting a preview of their anticipated doughnut two days before the eclipse is set to take place. On August 19 and 20, customers can visit a Krispy Kreme store during its “hot light” hours to sneak a peek — and a taste — of the sweet treat. (Read more from FOX News)


Taylor Swift took the stand in her trial against former DJ David Mueller who allegedly groped her during a photo op in 2013. Swift referred to the experience as “horrifying” and “shocking,” saying Mueller reached under her skirt and grabbed her bare butt. “It was a definite grab, [a] very long grab,” Swift said. “It was long enough for me to be completely sure it was intentional. He stayed latched on my bare a** cheek as I lurched away from him, visibly uncomfortably,” she said. During cross-examination, when Mueller’s lawyer asked Swift why the front of her dress wasn’t disturbed if Mueller was indeed grabbing her backside, Swift responded, “Because my a** is located in the back of my body.” Swift maintained Mueller seemed inebriated during the meet-and-greet, saying he “showed the signs of someone who had had a few cocktails.”  (Read more from Huffington Post)


Britney Spears’ first night back at her Las Vegas residency was interrupted during a scary incident when an unidentified man rushed the stage Wednesday night. During her Piece Of Me show at Planet Hollywood, Spears finished up a performance of “(You Drive Me) Crazy” when a fan rushed the stage to get her attention. The incident, which several fans captured on their phones, shows Spears asking the crowd, “Are you guys having fun?” Then, noticing the commotion going on behind her, asked, visibly shaken, “Is something okay? What’s going on?” She proceeds to clutch one of the security guards and ask, “He’s got a gun?” A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has since confirmed that the man was arrested for trespassing during the show, but it’s unclear whether a gun was actually involved. (Read more from US Weekly)


Costco is no stranger to weddings! The company has long had a Weddings by Costco service that let couples buy rings, flowers, invitations, and even honeymoon packages at a discount. But earlier this month, Costco upped their wedding game when they quietly rolled out a gift registry service on its website, Forbes reports. Now, you can set up a registry for anything, whether it’s a wedding or a baby or a new home or you just really want lots of towels in bulk from your friends. And Brides adds that the service is completely free for couples and wedding guests, even if they don’t have a Costco membership.

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