Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-July 24th


On Sunday Washington’s new distracted driving law went into effect. Drivers will now get a ticket for being on the phone or holding any electronic device behind the wheel. State troopers say they will hand out warnings for six months but if a trooper decides actions of a driver warrant a ticket they will write one. Police departments across western Washington say they will give drivers time to adjust to the new law but that the law is on the books and they will be enforcing it. The distracted driving law means drivers may not use hand-held cell phones while driving, stopped in traffic or at a stop light. This includes tablets, laptops, games or other hand-held electronic devices. Drivers cannot watch movies while driving. Hands-free use is limited to a single touch or swipe. The ticket, an E-DUI will cost $136 dollars on the first offense and at least $234 on the second. Violations will be available to insurance companies. (Read more from Q13)


Shark Week viewers were met with major disappointment on Sunday night when they tuned in to see Michael Phelps race a real-live Great White Shark–but instead were met with a CGI version of the creature. (Read more from Hollywood Reporter) Here are some of the best tweets from Shark Week fans who were less than entertained.
1. “Great White Shark top speed: 25 mph. Michael Phelps top speed: 6 mph. Saved you an hour.”
2. “SMH. Michael Phelps isn’t actually racing a shark. He’s just racing a simulation of a shark. Biggest scam of 2017.”
3. “Obviously, we cannot put a great white shark in one lane and Michael Phelps in the other.”
4. “Turns out “Michael Phelps races a shark” was really just “Michael Phelps swims alone and then compares his time to a shark’s time.””
5. “So you mean to tell me Michael Phelps didn’t even race a real shark? It was just a simulation. I’m mad. More like Shark WEAK!”


Linkin Park officially canceled their upcoming tour in the wake of the death of Chester Bennington. “We are incredibly saddened to hear about the passing of Chester Bennington,” Live Nation, the tour’s promoter, said Friday. “The Linkin Park One More Light North American Tour has been canceled and refunds are available at point of purchase. Our thoughts go out to all those affected.” The band has not released an official statement following Bennington’s death Thursday. Linkin Park, who recently wrapped a European tour, were scheduled to begin a North American leg next. Along the way, they were also set for more dates on their co-headlining jaunt with Blink-182, the “Welcome to Blinkin Park” tour. Those shows were also cancelled, Blink 182 announced on Saturday.

Fans of Chester Bennington will soon have a chance to see one of his last projects with Linkin Park.  The band filmed a segment for “Carpool Karaoke: The Series,” less than one week before Bennington’s death.  The group tweeted a photo from the shoot showing them posing with host Ken Jeong captioned, “Fun day with @kenjeong @CarpoolKaraoke @AppleMusic stay tuned.” Jeong shared his condolences on Twitter, writing, “I am in shock and heartbroken. All my thoughts and prayers go out to Chester and his family and friends at this time.” “Carpool Karaoke: The Series,” a 16-episode standalone series executive-produced by the “Late Late Late Show’s” James Corden, is set to premiere Aug. 8 on Apple Music. (Read more from Variety)


A 2015 Nissan Versa was “misplaced” in Toronto by a U.S. teen who forgot where he parked it after a Metallica concert. 19-year-old Gavin Strickland’s plight started last Sunday after the Metallica performance at the Rogers Centre. The rock fan searched multiple parking garages after the show, even hitching a ride with cops as he scoured the city. By Monday, he had to call his father back in Syracuse, NY, and admit he’d lost his car, at which point he took a bus home. That’s when his dad posted a Craigslist ad asking Toronto locals to assist his “doofy son,” offering a $100 reward. Enter Madison Riddolls, who went out Wednesday to search. “I’ve been watching a lot of Criminal Minds lately,” she says of her quest, which proved successful at a parking garage under the TD Centre. She pocketed the $100 reward. (Read more from The Star)

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