Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-July 18th


Game Of Thrones delivered an incredible 16.1 million viewers for the highly-anticipated kick-off to its seventh season across all HBO platforms (including repeats, streaming and DVR). That represents a stunning 50% increase from last year’s opener — despite the drama airing in the summer for the first time. The hour-long Thrones return, titled “Dragonstone,” earned rave reviews from critics and currently has the show’s first 100% score for a season premiere on Rotten Tomatoes. The hour also inspired 2.4 million tweets, making it the show’s most-tweeted episode of all time. According to Twitter, the most-tweeted character was Arya Stark — whose actions with the Frey family was also the top-tweeted moment. Ed Sheeran’s cameo also received a lot of attention as well, but reactions were mixed. (Read more from Entertainment Weekly)


Fresh off two Emmy nominations for playing President Trump on Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin is set to star in another NBC production: their live staging of A Few Good Men, with writer Aaron Sorkin adapting his own work. Baldwin will play Col. Nathan Jessep, a role made famous by Jack Nicholson in the 1992 film, which also starred Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Kevin Bacon. The televised play will air in 2018 and mark the first live production of a Broadway drama in more than 50 years. NBC has been expanding its live output in recent years, but the emphasis has been musicals (Peter PanThe WizHairspraySound of Music) until now. (Read more from USA Today)


Apple has unveiled several new emojis that will be available later this year, including a bearded man, breastfeeding mother, a woman wearing a headscarf, and people doing yoga. Animals and mythical creatures that will be available include zebras, zombies and elves. And people whose favorite topic of discussion is food will be be able to text each other using emojis for coconuts, sandwiches and steaks.


A new study released last week via Scientific Reports has found that humans almost universally tend to lean right when kissing. And although the study found that “men were 15 times more likely than women to initiate kissing,” more than two-thirds of initiates and recipients turned their heads to the right during a smooch.  Men were also 15 times more likely than women to initiate kissing and over 2/3 of kiss initiators and recipients turned their heads to the right. Right or left-handedness predicted head-leaning preference in kiss initiators but not kiss recipients, and the kiss initiator’s head-leaning direction predicted the recipient’s head-leaning direction. (Read more from UPI)

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