Would You Be Willing to “Pay-Per-Mile” to Ease Gridlock on I-5?

We all know how bad traffic is in Seattle. Last week it took us 2 hours to get from downtown Seattle to Everett. If you commute I-5 daily, you know the traffic is bad and only getting worse.

The Seattle Times released an article about “pay-per-mile” system that is not popular, but it would ease our traffic woes.

Drive to the corner store at midnight? That’s free. Drive on Interstate 5 at 5 p.m.? That costs 50 cents a mile.

“I found myself watching the meter go up, up, up,” one participant said. “And that influenced my choices.”

Another said, “Even if the meter wasn’t there, I would have changed my travel habits after seeing the first invoice.”Seattle Times

A study conducted found that drivers would begin to make small changes in their driving based on how much they had to pay to drive.

On an average weekday in 2015, vehicles spent nearly 30,000 hours stuck in traffic on major Puget Sound-region freeways, nearly double the delays of 2011.

“When you toll one road and not its alternative, people shift from one route to the other because it’s cheap,” said Mark Hallenbeck, director of the Washington State Transportation Center.

Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGuinn is open to the idea of wide spread tolling. So how about you?! Would you be willing to “Pay-Per-Mile” to ease traffic?

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