Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-June 22nd


Fidget spinners may be America’s most popular cheap toy, but a Boston-based advocacy group says they’re also pretty dangerous. In its annual summer safety report, World Against Toys Causing Harm lists fidget spinners alongside hoverboards, plastic weapons and non-motorized scooters as the most potentially hazardous summer toys. As the AP notes, children in Texas and California were recently hospitalized after choking on fidget-spinner parts, while German customs officials destroyed 39 tons of spinners over safety concerns.


Snapchat has signed a $100 million deal with Time Warner to produce shows in three to five-minute shows. This is the latest boon for Snapchat, which has been racking up deals with media companies like NFL, BBC, A+E, ABC, and Turner over the past several months. By the end of the year, Snapchat plans to air at least three shows a day with Time Warner working on creating 10 this year. The various shows will include drama and comedy shows and will star celebrities such as James Cordon, Ellen DeGeneres and Samantha Bee. Time Warner owns HBO which, as part of the deal, is expected to begin producing shows as well. (Read more from Variety)

Meanwhile, Fox Networks Group is following YouTube’s lead in rolling out six-second ads across its digital and on-demand properties, where they will be unskippable, as they are on YouTube. The ad format should be ready by October for shows and content viewed through digital and on-demand platforms. After a few months of testing, Fox could start selling the six-second inventory to traditional TV advertisers as well. (Read more from Wall Street Journal)


There’s a new dating app called “First” that cuts out all the swiping and long lists of matches who never message you. That’s because this app doesn’t HAVE a messaging option, and it just immediately sends you out on dates with people. You pick the type of date you want to go on,   decide who’s paying or if you want to split it, and you post a specific time and place to meet up. Then other people can accept your date, and YOU get to choose who to meet up with. Now, what if something comes up and you have to bail? Well, bailing on a First date for any reason will have you marked as a no-show on the app, the app bans users after two no-shows. In an attempt to weed out people who “aren’t right for the app,” the app also lets users rate their dates once they’re over. Your date rating won’t show up on your profile, but a few successful dates will result in a glowing check mark on your profile that “verifies” you as a good date. (Read more from Elite Daily)


In case bottles of rosé aren’t enough to satisfy your craving for wine this summer, consider the latest rosé-inspired offering: deodorant. Thanks to Native Cosmetics, those looking for a daily way to indulge in rosé without cracking open a bottle can simply crack open rosé-scented deodorant. The stick deodorant is all-natural and it’s part of a limited-edition “brunch” boxed set that also includes scents like Mimosa and Sangria. (Read more from TIME)

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