Let Your Freak Flag Fly at The Fremont Fair this weekend!

I was born and raised in Seattle and spent a good amount of my childhood in and near Fremont. It wasn’t as cool then as it is now, but then neither was Green Lake – who knew!  The Fremont Fair’s Solstice Parade is a huge attraction. It’s hard to imagine how someone came up with an idea of naked bicyclists, but we’re talking about Fremont – It’s thee place to Let Your Freak Flag Fly! The Parade is at 1:00 on Saturday. Don’t worry, the bicyclists are naked, but they wear body paint, so it’s colorful. And crazy. And fun. And quirky. And very Fremont.

The Fremont Fair started in 1972 and the Solstice Parade was added in 1989.  If you’re not into naked bicyclists , you can always go for  the Dog Parade on Sunday.  The Dog Parade is fun. The pups are all wearing really fun costumes. I like the arts and crafts and home made jewelry. Plus, big bonus, this is prime people watching. I promise, it won’t disappoint. If you wanna get your Freak on, this is the place!

Here’s a photo I took of my girlfriend with a gentleman we met at the Fremont Fair a couple years ago. I did a little creative cropping for you. ; ) – Heidi May

hooch1 Let Your Freak Flag Fly at The Fremont Fair this weekend!

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