Brett Eldredge Gets A Hilarious Landmark

Brett Eldredge is no stranger to earning plaques for going #1, but this time it didn’t involve his music.

It all started a couple years ago, when the country star revealed to People magazine that in his college days, he used to stop and pee on a wall of one of the record labels while walking into downtown Nashville. Ironically, the building he peed on happened to be the label that signed him years later.

The head of Warner Brothers thought the story was hilarious and figured the label should also mark the spot, like Brett used to do back in the day. So, last Thursday, Brett’s record label unveiled a gold plaque on the side of its building in Brett’s honor.

The plaque reads, “Brett Eldredge left his mark here in March of 2007,” and it sits roughly a foot off the ground.

db11ftiuiaefyjp Brett Eldredge Gets A Hilarious Landmark

/ People Magazine Photo

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