Jason Aldean Adds A New Sport To His List Of Skills

Everyone knows that Jason Aldean loves his outdoor sports including hunting and fishing, but did you know he also likes him a little bowling? He does. In fact, he says he’d be in a league if he was home more.

The singer told about his surprising love of sport during a recent interview with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton.

Aldean talked about his newfound passion saying, “I love bowling. I like competing in anything. I don’t care what it is. But I started taking my kids bowling, and they loved it. So we go pretty often.”

The ACMs Entertainer of the Year has even stocked up on his own bowling gear.

“I have two bowling balls, my normal ball, my spare ball, and my camouflage bowling shows! Of course. I like to compete at anything. Even monopoly. If I’m going to do something, if I’m going bowling, I’ll have all my own stuff, and try to be as good as I can. It’s a disease. I got the spin that hugs the gutter and sweeps back in. Like the guys on ESPN, I should probably do that. Actually I should not do that, I’m not that good. But if I was at home more, I’d be in a league,” Jason tells Country Countdown.

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