Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-March 27th


The NCAA men’s basketball tournament champion this year will hail from either the Pacific Northwest or coastal Southeast, as Gonzaga, Oregon, North Carolina, and South Carolina have advanced to the Final Four. Top seed Gonzaga throttled Xavier on Saturday, while third-seeded Oregon made surprisingly easy work of #1 seed Kansas. Sunday’s regional finals were more competitive, with South Carolina pulling away from SEC rival Florida late, and North Carolina beating Kentucky on a last-second shot. This will mark the first Final Four for both Gonzaga and South Carolina, while Oregon hasn’t been since 1939. The semifinals tip off Saturday in Phoenix, with Oregon facing North Carolina and Gonzaga squaring off against South Carolina for the chance to play in next Monday’s national championship game.


United Airlines has responded to a viral story alleging that the company wouldn’t allow young girls wearing leggings to board a flight from Denver to Minneapolis. As accusations of sexism quickly spread across social media, the company explained that the passengers not allowed to board were actually ‘pass riders,’ who are considered representatives of United and fly under employee pass privileges. A spokesman says that while yoga pants or leggings are perfectly welcome for regular paying customers to wear on flights, pass riders have a stricter dress code. He added that both of the teenage girls involved stayed behind in Denver, “made an adjustment” to their outfits and waited for the next flight to Minneapolis. A third young girl reportedly changed her clothes at the gate. (Read more from TODAY)


For the second week in a row, Disney’s live-action reboot of Beauty & The Beast dominated the weekend box office, earning another $88.3 million to hold on to first place. Power Rangers, the reboot of the cult favorite television franchise, brought in $40.5 million for a second-place finish. Kong: Skull Island came in third with just $14.4 million. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal’s alien thriller Life made $12.6 million for fourth place. Ranking fifth was Logan, with $10.1 million. Meanwhile, CHiPs, another tv-to-film adaptation opening this weekend, secured seventh with a disappointing $7.6 million. (Read more from USA Today)


A 50-year-old Idaho woman swears that a car accident on Wednesday night wasn’t her fault; she was distracted by Bigfoot. The woman was driving along US Highway 95 north of Potlatch around 11:30pm when she says she saw a Sasquatch chasing deer along the side of the road. She says the Sasquatch was 7 to 8 feet tall and “shaggy.” She also described it as a “hairy beast.” The woman told authorities she glanced in the mirror to get a second look at the creature when one of the deer ran out in front of her. She struck the animal with her Subaru Forester and then kept driving her damaged vehicle to pick up her husband at work before reporting the incident at the sheriff’s office after midnight. A deputy went with her to the scene of the crash but apparently saw no sign of Bigfoot. (Read more from Huffington Post)

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