Brett Young Aims to Make “Honest & Relatable” Music

In a new interview with The Boot, Brett Young explains that he’s just trying to make music that is “genuine and honest and relatable” for his fans.

“You want people to write songs for and connect with and play shows for,” he says.

“I hope that this music is connecting with everybody; for me, as a writer, that’s the whole point, to say things that people maybe feel but haven’t been able to put in words, or maybe they have been able to put [those feelings] into words and just want to know other people are feeling it too.”

Brett also talked to Taste of Country about how his family has helped inspire him while songwriting.

“My parents’ example of a loving, caring relationship, I think, has affected my songwriting a ton and allowed me to start writing love songs that people could connect to without sounding like you’re being cheesy, because they’re coming from a real place, something that I saw coming up. I think they’re a huge influence on my songwriting.”

Young is proud to write great, honest emotional love and love-lost songs, but music wasn’t actually his first love.

While his first performance came as a 15-year-old leading a church worship, Young didn’t pursue music as a career until after his baseball dreams died due to elbow surgery.

“It’s funny how God will change your plans for you when he’s ready,” Young says smiling. “Because baseball, up until 22 years old, it was all I knew.”

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