5 Things To Know About Thomas Rhett’s New Album

While Thomas Rhett has yet to reveal a release date for the follow-up to his 2015 album Tangled Up, he recently chatted with Rolling Stone Country about what fans can expect on his forthcoming release.
Here are five things he revealed in the interview:
    • Tangled Up is officially in the past. “There will not be another single from Tangled Up,” Rhett tells the outlet.
    • Fans won’t have to wait long for new music. “We’ll have a single out for sure somewhat soon,” he confirms. “And then the record will come out sometime this year.” (We do know he recently debuted two new songs – “Craving You” and “Love Sucks”

  • Rhett’s growing family influenced the project. “There’s a song called ‘Life Changes’ that’s gonna be on the record,” Rhett reveals. “And there’s this one line that says ‘Ain’t it funny how life changes? / You wake up and nothing’s the same,’ and I would say that completely sums up the journey of my life right now.
  • Rhett found an artistic sweet spot with feel-good songs. “My show is so bonkers and uptempo and feel-good,” he adds. “If I just flooded the album with sad ballads, it might come across as strange.”
  • The album will feature Grease-inspired tracks. “We dabbled with more ‘Crash and Burn’-y songs on this one,” Rhett admits. “And there’s a few songs with just straight-up Grease soundtrack kind of vibes, which I know makes no sense.
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