Watch for DeAnna Lee & Boot Boogie Babes on ABC’s The View

On Thursday, we got a call from ABC’s The View. At first we thought it was a prank. Why would the Senior Producer from the TV show The View be reaching out to us? Well it turns out is wasn’t a prank.

The View will broadcast live from Disneyland on Tuesday. Their musical guest will be Train, and Train has a new song that people all over the country are line dancing to called “Play That Song”. The View began looking for line dance groups they could feature on the show dancing to this song. That’s when they found DeAnna Lee and the Boot Boogie Babes on Youtube.

They told DeAnna Lee, “we want to feature your group because you’re young, cute, and look like you have a lot of fun line dancing. But we need the video by tomorrow morning”. Drops the mic, walks away.

After the phone call we rounded up the Boot Boogie Babes. These ladies live all over the Puget Sound including Bremerton, Puyallup, Bothell, and Mukilteo. But they left work, got performance ready, and made it to the Seattle Center by 6 pm that evening to record the video ABC had requested.

We danced our Sam Hunt “House Party” line dance to Train “Play That Song”, and it worked perfectly! We sent the video off to ABC before 10 pm last night and fell into bed.

This morning the Senior Producer’s response was “AMAZING”!

Soooo… set your DVR’s and watch for DeAnna Lee and the Boot Boogie Babes, Seattle’s Line Dance Team on The View Tuesday morning!


Here’s Train’s new song! Watch for all the dancing in the video! It’s super fun!

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