Eric Church Recruits An Adorable New Roadie, His Son

Eric Church has a lot of people who travel out on the road with him to make sure his shows go off without a hitch, but there’s one new roadie who is a cut above the rest … Eric’s own son Boone.

Eric revealed recently that he’s given his 5-year-old son a job out on the road so that he can learn what exactly his dad does.

So what’s Boone’s job?

“Choir Wrangler is what he does, but every day his job is, the choir rehearses in a room, a separate room. So, he’ll go in and be around Jill, who’s another person on the tour who works with us, it’s Boone and Jill, they’re the choir wranglers,” Church explains to Sounds Like Nashville.

“And Boone’s got a radio, he’s got his flashlight, he’s got a little work belt and his pass, he goes in there, and he’ll make sure that when the choir’s ready to go, it’s his job and Jill’s job to move these teenagers – he calls them teenagers – with flashlights over to where the show is.”

Unfortunately, Boone has also learned an important lesson about how not fun work can be. Too bad his dad isn’t having any of it.

“About three weeks into the tour, [Boone] goes, ‘Dad, I really don’t like my job.’ And I said, ‘Well, son, a lot of people don’t like their job.’ I said, ‘The important thing is you’ve got to do your job.’

Fans can catch Eric (and maybe even Boone) out on the road for the singer’s Holdin’ My Own Tour.

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