Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-February 8th


Just days after the New England Patriots’ comeback win in Super Bowl 51, early odds for Super Bowl 52 are already being circulated in Vegas.  Sports book Bovada sees a repeat on the horizon, giving New England 5-to-1 odds it will be the world champ again next year.  The Seahawks are among four teams tied for sixth place with 16-to-1 odds.  Seattle was an 8-to-1 favorite at this time last year to appear in Super Bowl 51. (Read more HERE)


Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo has used Twitter to show his support of a 12-year-old fan who was brutally beaten by a classmate last week. Henry Sembdner suffered facial fractures and injuries to his brain, but has made progress in his recovery. The whole thing started when Sembdner simply bumped into the other student. It’s a pretty awful story, but at least there’s hope for a happy ending. Once Sembdner is in good health, he has an invitation to be Rizzo’s guest at a Cubs’ game & to join him at batting practice.

Rizzo tweeted saying, “Heard you are a big @cubs fan Henry. When you are better I have a couple tickets and BP passes waiting for you at Wrigley. #StayStrong.” When Rizzo heard Henry’s classmates would be wearing Cubs gear in support of their classmate on Tuesday, Rizzo said he would retweet photos from the day–and followed through on his promise. (Read more from Yahoo Sports)


38 years after Christie Brinkley first posed for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she’s back for another spread–this time accompanied by her daughters. At age 63, Brinkley rocks some skimpy suits alongside 18-year-old Sailor Brinkley Cook and 31-year-old Alexa Ray Joel in a new spread for the publication. “In a country that’s very ageist, people love to put you in little boxes,” Brinkley tells People. “Women feel very limited by their numbers. On a personal level, I thought, if I can pull this off, I think it will help redefine those numbers and remove some of the fear of aging.” The issue hits stands today. (Read more from USA Today)


A Colorado woman won a $3.3 million lottery jackpot days after quitting her job. Yahnique S. left her position as a certified nursing assistant because she had been feeling burned out by the job. “My last day was January 17th, but I didn’t have anything lined up yet,” she said. Yahnique discovered January 28th that she didn’t have to rush to find a new job — she won $3.3 million playing the lottery. Her husband, Bruce, said he was suspicious when Yahnique showed him the winning numbers. “I was highly suspicious but then I thought, there’s no way she could mock up their whole website,” Bruce said. “I mean, she knows her way around the computer. But not that well.” The first things she’s going to do with her winnings are pay bills and make home improvements. (Read more from UPI)

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