America’s Favorite Super Bowl 51 Moments

How do you narrow it down to just one favorite moment at the Super Bowl? Especially when things got kicked off with one of our favorite people in the world singing the National Anthem? Luke Bryan crushed it and made us all so proud! Then there was Lady GaGa jumping off the roof of the stadium. Or what about when she said, “Hi dad”? Or when Gisele, Tom Brady’s wife, dropped her phone when the Patriots won in over time?

Well we don’t have to pick just one. Let’s relive America’s favorite Super Bowl 51 moments…

There was some booing…

And Gisele being so excited she dropped her phone. We hope it didn’t break!

She seriously could not even deal!

What about when Lady GaGa “dropped the mic”?

How about Coach Quinn’s reaction to America the Beautiful?

We don’t know who you are, but we love you for this!

Here’s an odd but funny vote!

We totally remember this one! They were completely stuck together!

We admit this was one of our favorite moments too…

Lady Ga Ga covered more field in eight minutes than the the Patriots did the entire first three quarters!

Although many Seahawks fans were not happy to see this, we admit the Patriots win was epic!

And of course we can’t leave out our favorite moment of the entire evening, I mean if it were up to us we would’ve voted for three hours of Luke!

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