Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-January 31st


A growing phone scam can make you a victim if you utter just one word: “Yes.” It all starts with one sentence, “Can you hear me now?” The Attorney General described how the scam works: an automated call provides an introduction and identifies a business or agency. After the intro, the recording will ask if you can hear clearly. If you answer yes, the scammer behind the call may have recorded you, could plan to use your recorded agreement to sign you up for a product or service you never knew about and then will demand payment. If you refuse, the scammer may produce your recorded “yes” response to confirm your purchase agreement. What should you do if you get one of these calls? Hang up the phone, let it go to voicemail, or write down the phone number if possible. The scam is circulating throughout the country. (Read more from USA Today)


Voice ordering your favorite Starbucks drink is closer to reality.  Starbucks announced it is launching its My Starbucks barista on its mobile app.  It will allow customers to speak or text their orders and pay before pick-up.  A beta test of the feature that allows customers to interact with the app as if it was a real barista was rolled out to about one-thousand customers yesterday.  The company said the feature is expected to be available to Android users this summer.  Customers will also be able to re-order their favorites through Amazon’s Alexa platform. (Read more from Fortune)


Former Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch recently visited Houston, Scotland, to ask residents how they feel about the upcoming Super Bowl in Houston, Texas. In a video released by Skittles on Monday, Lynch is seen riding a bike around the U.K. town and handing out Skittles to unsuspecting Scots on the street. The video also shows Lynch playing bag pipes, checking out a really old castle and stopping in a kilt shop to discuss the possiblilites of ordering his own. Appropriately, the spot ends with Lynch noting, “Y’all got some real history in this [expletive].” You gotta love Beast Mode.


A creative high school student has become an online star after he turned his locker into a soda vending machine. Blake Hawkins, a senior at Valley Center High in Kansas, said the soda locker actually began as a joke, but it didn’t take long for word to spread. The assistant principal found out & took pictures of the vending machine, not to get him in trouble, but to post on Snap Chat. The school eventually forced Hawkins to shut down the machine, because it violates two school rules. However, the young inventor posted his creation on Imgur and it went viral, gaining the attention of the Discovery Channel. He plans to go to Wichita State, study electrical engineering, then one day start his own business. (Read more from Daily Mail)

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