Randy Travis Surprises Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery has had some pretty amazing moments in his life, like winning American Idol, but he recently opened up to fans about “one of the coolest moments of my career”.

Randy Travis dropped in unannounced at McCreery’s first performance of 2017.

According to McCreery’s Facebook post, he kicked off his 2017 touring schedule in Fort Worth, Texas.

He was on his bus before the show when his tour manager knocked.

“My tour manager says, ‘Hey, Scotty come here,’ so I walk up to the front of the bus, look out the window, and who is standing outside my door?! RANDY TRAVIS!!! He, his wife Mary and his family decided to ride over to the show and surprise me! Got to visit with them for a while before the show, and then they all sat on the side of the stage and watched the whole show!” McCreery writes.

McCreery and his band learned Travis’ iconic hit, “Forever and Ever, Amen,” five years ago before he began touring, but ended up taking the song out of the set and never playing it live.

This year he decided to put the classic back in his set, and he sang it live for the first time ever that night, while Randy watched the entire show for the side of the stage.

“Definitely one of the coolest moments of my career to date is singing that song live, and looking over to my right and seeing him smiling ear-to-ear, dancing, and singing along with us! ”McCreery says.

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