Lauren Alaina Discussed How Her New Song,“Pretty”, Is About Her Eating Disorder

Lauren Alaina admits in a new interview that her struggles with bulimia inspired her new song “Pretty.”

“Pretty is not the amount of makeup on your face or the shirt you’re wearing or the size of your pants–that is false,” Alaina tells Taste of Country of the song’s message.

“People are pretty because they’re nice and they care about other people and they have a good heart. That’s what makes you pretty, and I didn’t know that.”

The song relates to her battle with bulimia, an issue she’s been vocal about, and she’s filled her new record with empowerment and positive messages in an effort to help inspire young girls to love themselves as they are.

While some may think that her star status means she’s used to getting negative comments or being bullied, Alaina says that’s not the case.

“I just think people aren’t aware that they’re affecting someone to that degree and I wanted to draw attention to it, because it hurts.”

Alaina goes on to explain that the hurtful comments about her looks don’t hit as hard as they used to because she’s now in a better place.

“I’m happier and I’m in a better place, so they don’t affect me as much as they used to, and that’s a hard place to get to. It took me a while to get there”, she adds. “‘Pretty’ is that whole journey.”

Road Less Traveled, hits stores Friday (Jan. 27).

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