Chris Janson Performs “For Her” on Today Show

Chris Janson wrote “For Her” about his wife and baby, and he got to sing it to everyone in America on the Today Show! We love when an artist sounds better live than they do their record. Chris Janson nails this performance!

“The cool thing about ‘Holdin’ Her’ is seeing the song grow as it has,” said Chris to Nash Country Daily. “It’s a lot of people’s story, man. There’s a lot of people—it’s refreshing to see—there’s a lot of people in the world who still believe in true love, and they still live in true love, and they have found it. No matter what avenue, whether they’ve come from a split background, a divorce, a split-up, whatever it may be, or maybe they just married once and forever, or maybe they’re not married, maybe they’re very much in love. ‘Holdin’ Her’ translates with all walks of life, which has been a very cool and universal thing that. It has exceeded all of my greatest expectations.”

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