Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-October 17th


Two Seahawks fans tied the knot in Hawk Alley before the game against the Falcons. The couple was decked out in Seahawks gear, both wearing jerseys. About 100 guests attended the tailgate wedding, including some 12s from around the Alley. The Sea Pope officiated the ceremony, and they signed a Seahawks unity football to represent their commitment. (KING 5)


Beyonce proved once again this weekend that she’s unstoppable, when she continued to perform after ripping her earlobe. Us Weekly reports that Queen Bey was halfway through her set at a concert in Brooklyn on Saturday night when her dangling earring got caught on one of her long braids and was ripped from her left lobe. While she noticed the injury in the middle of her delivery of 2014’s “Haunted,” and even wiped away some blood, she continued to perform as if nothing happened. Beyonce also returned to the stage later in the night for an encore performance of her 2016 hit “All Night”–without a bandage.


A principal at an elementary school in Nebraska is being forced to answer a few questions after it came to light that she gave away Brad Paisley tickets meant for the kids at her school to the staff. When the students at Field Club Elementary in Nebraska heard that Brad Paisley’s college tour was bringing him to a town near them, they made a video asking Paisley to come perform at their school. Brad Paisley apparently didn’t get the message, but a local news station did and the station invited the entire school to the show. They even offered to have everyone bussed to the show. However the principal determined that it would “not be appropriate” to have the young students out so late on a school night and instead didn’t even tell them they were invited. All 55 staff members, however, were still invited to attend the concert instead.

Brad decided to pay a surprise visit to the students in between shows on his Country Nation College tour, Brad popped in and performed an acoustic show for the kids who are big fans. Brad told the Omaha World-Herald, “They took a song that really means a lot to me in ‘Welcome to the Future,’ and put that to video with the signs that said ‘Please Come See Us,’ and all that and that kind of thing always gets to me. It’s really powerful.”


Harry Potter makeup brushes are now a thing and they’re AWESOME. You can now preorder makeup brushes modeled after Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, and Lord Voldemort’s infamous wands. The set of five is $55, and doesn’t including shipping. Storybook Cosmetics, a new fandom-based cosmetics company, expects to ship them out worldwide on December 10 (or even sooner), but says they’re also expected to sell out of these magical face-wands. (Buzzfeed)

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