Principal In Hot Water For Giving Brad Paisley Tickets Meant For Students To Staff Instead

A principal at an elementary school in Nebraska is being forced to answer a few questions after it came to light that she gave away Brad Paisley tickets meant for the kids at her school to the staff.

When the students at Field Club Elementary in Nebraska heard that Brad Paisley’s college tour was bringing him to a town near them, they made a video asking Paisley to come perform at their school.

Brad Paisley apparently didn’t get the message, but a local news station did and the station invited the entire school to the show.

Apparently the news station got in touch with the school to invite all of the staff and the students to hang out at the show. They even offered to have everyone bussed to the show.

After hearing the company’s amazing offer, Principal Barbara Wild determined that it would “not be appropriate” to have the young students out so late on a school night and instead didn’t even tell them they were invited.

All 55 staff members, however, were still invited to attend the concert instead.

Wild says she reached her decision after talking with several parents, but according to FOX 42, many parents said they didn’t even know the invite had been extended.

But…there is a happy ending for these students!

Friday afternoon, they got a major surprise as Paisley dropped in and performed an impromptu concert in the school gym.

Paisley said he felt bad the students couldn’t come to his concert, but said a rowdy college concert was no place for little kids.

“Usually when we’re playing a concert, we don’t take into consideration bedtime,” he told the Omaha World Herald.


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