Eric Church Got Upstaged by Sylvester Stallone

Eric Church isn’t flashy, but he is making decent money…so somebody asked if he’s ever dug deep and made an indulgent purchase. He has, and the story around it is pretty funny.

He always wanted a gold watch like the one his grandfather was given after retiring from the police force. So, one time when he and his wife were in New York City he got the idea to buy a couple of Rolexes. One for him, and one for her.

Eric told Rolling Stone, “It turns out Sylvester Stallone had just come in the store with his staff to celebrate the last ‘Rocky’ movie.

“So I’m thinking I’m gonna walk in and impress them by buying TWO Rolexes, and they go, ‘Yeah, we just sold 16 to Sylvester Stallone.’ I thought, ‘Well, [crap], there goes that.'”

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