Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-October 10th


Congratulations to Shay Mooney and his fiancée, Hannah Billingsley.  They’re expecting their first child.  The Dan + Shay singer shared the news on social media, writing, “Gonna have a new band member in the Mooney family…2017 is gonna be the start of our best adventure yet!”  Shay and Hannah got engaged in August. (PEOPLE)


Luke Bryan underwent surgery yesterday (Sunday, October 9th) in Nashville to repair his broken clavicle. The singer broke it on Thursday (October 6th) after a bike accident before kicking off his Farm Tour show near Knoxville, TN. Despite his arm being in a sling, Luke managed to perform his scheduled Farm Tour shows on Friday (October 7th) and Saturday (October 8th) in Kentucky and Indiana. Yesterday, he tweeted a picture of himself in the car on the way to the hospital writing, “Heading to surgery. Ugh.” Last night, he updated fans with a picture of the repair in an xray writing, “All good. Got me some metal.” He also assured fans that the rest of his Farm Tour shows will go on as scheduled tweeting, “Shows still on btw. Will be all good for Wednesday.”


An Olympia couple said their normally “fat” and “lazy” cat channeled his inner hero when he helped foil a burglary at their home.  Kerry and Barb Gansberg said their cat of 10 years, Strider, is best known around their Olympia home as lazy.  “Well, he’s fat and he’s lazy,” Barb Gansberg told KOMO-TV. “He’s kind of a pain in the rump.”  The cat does understand some rules, the couple said, including staying out of their bedroom.  Gansberg said that’s what made his behavior so suspicious last week, when she was home alone and getting ready for work.  “He sneaks into my bedroom,” she said. “He’s looking at me and I thought, ‘what the heck is wrong with you?’ and he sat right here [outside the door, in the hallway].”  Gansberg said she could tell by Strider’s behavior that something was wrong, so she exited the bedroom and ended up face to face with a pair of burglars, one of whom was holding her purse.  “So I just yelled, ‘hey’ and off they went,” Gansberg said.  Kerry Gansberg said the men might the right choice by fleeing.  “It’s a good thing they ran off because she would have pummeled them.”


It was obvious that things were going to get ugly during the second presidential debate on Sunday night when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton refused to shake hands at the start of the event. The two exchanged low blows throughout: Trump informed Clinton that she should be in jail, while she pointed out that his campaign is “exploding.” The attacks got even more personal when moderator Anderson Cooper brought up the hot mic controversy in which Trump boasted about grabbing women. Clinton declared that the recording reveals the type of person Trump truly is. “I’m very embarrassed by it. I hate it,” Trump admitted. “But it’s locker room talk.” He went on to attack both Clinton and her husband. Prior to the debate, Trump also held a news conference with four women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct. (USA TODAY)

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