Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-September 28th


Wow, Donald Trump really IS everywhere these days. A guy was pulled over on the freeway in Auburn, WA yesterday morning for driving in the carpool lane without a passenger. No….he was trying to beat the system by taping a ‘YUUUUUGE’ cardboard cutout of Trump’s HEAD to the passenger seat. But the trooper realized it was a fake and stopped him. He’s facing the maximum fine for driving solo in the carpool lane, which is only $136.

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, Garth Brooks is still dominating country music. His album “The Ultimate Hits” has gone DIAMOND, meaning it’s sold ten million copies. It’s his seventh album to be certified diamond, and he’s the FIRST artist in history to achieve that. He passed The Beatles, who have six.

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For the first time in 10 years, Jerry Seinfeld isn’t the highest-paid comedian in the world. He made $43.5 million over the past year, to finish SECOND to Kevin Hart, who made $87.5 million. That’s more than twice Jerry’s haul. Meanwhile, Amy Schumer became the first woman to ever make the list. She came in fourth, with $17 million just behind ventriloquist Terry Fator, who banked $21 million.
Here’s the Top 5 from Forbes:
1. Kevin Hart, $87.5 million.
2. Jerry Seinfeld, $43.5 million.
3. Terry Fator, $21 million.
4. Amy Schumer, $17 million.
5. Jeff Dunham, $13.5 million.


Apparently Corey Hart was more of a scientific genius than we realized. According to a sleep expert at the University of British Columbia and CBC, if you have trouble sleeping, you can help yourself by wearing SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT. If you put on sunglasses two hours before you want to go to bed, it’ll mute the barrage of light hitting you from all your screens, and help your body get ready for sleep.


A New York Yankees fan is embarrassed but relieved after his Yankee Stadium scoreboard proposal got off to a shaky start.  After Andrew Fox told his girlfriend, Heather Terwilliger, to look at the scoreboard he opened the box and the ring popped out and fell to the ground.  He couldn’t find it.  She couldn’t find it.  The fans around them couldn’t find it, until someone noticed something sparkly in the cuff of Heather’s pant leg.  It was the ring.  She said “yes.” (Q13)

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