The Seattle Grunge Dog


No one ever put cream cheese on a hot dog for me until I moved to Seattle.  Where has this been all my life?  Use that caulking gun to squirt out a stream of cream cheese onto a toasted bun with a beautiful hot dog piled high with jalapenos, chopped onions, and lots sriracha is heaven to me!

After doing a little research, I found that the Seattle Grunge Dog is believed to have originated in Pioneer Square in the late 1980’s early 1990’s during the Seattle grunge era.  “One possible inventor is Hadley Longe who operated a bagel cart at night. He incorporated hot dogs on bialy sticks with cream cheese” is what I found on Wikipedia.  Wikipedia also goes onto say this:

“Seattle Dogs increased in popularity at bars and music venues during the grunge movement of the 1990s. They are now often sold at bars and their surrounding street vendors at night. They are also available at and near the city’s sporting venues. A vendor told the The Seattle Weekly that he believed large crowds visiting stands outside of Safeco Field during the Seattle Mariners 2011 season was “the big boom” for the recipe.”

Wherever the cream cheese movement originated, I’m glad it did and has made it’s way into my home every time I grill up a dog!


Seattle Grunge Dog

Seattle Grunge Dog


Also I was watching the Food Network  and there’s a guy doing one minute segments called, “You’re Eating It Wrong”.  Did you know that you can get more condiments onto your hot dog bun and get them to stay in place better if you cut the bun down the top rather than opening it on the side?  Like this:


Hot dog bun cut on top side NOT opened on the side

Hot dog bun cut on top side NOT opened on the side


Seriously try this, and you will be amazed how well it works!  Thanks Mr. “You’re Not Eating It Right”, because I literally wasn’t!

Everyone has their own way they like to pile up condiments on their hot dog.  Here’s how I made mine…


Seattle Grunge Dog close up

Seattle Grunge Dog close up


Seattle Grunge Dog


2  Hebrew National Hot Dogs (I won’t eat any other kind.  These are the best!)

4 tbsp. cream cheese

6 slices jalapenos

1/4 cup chopped onions

8 deli sliced mild pepper rings

1 tbsp. fresh pico de gallo (I happened to have some in the fridge and though, WHY NOT?)

1 big long squirt of Sriracha


Grill the hot dog on medium-high heat making sure they have good grill marks on each side.  It usually takes about 10 minutes or so.

Now piled that hot dog high!  I start by slicing the bun on the top, then I slather in all that cream cheese.  Position the hot dog in place and pile the remaining ingredients onto the dog.  Squirt with Sriracha and chow down!  Oh the heavenly goodness of cream cheese and hot dogs!  Thank you Seattle!

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Seattle Grunge Dog

Seattle Grunge Dog


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