Seth and Kat 4 Things You Need To Know-June 1st


Microsoft may be working on a new Xbox.  A couple of reports that came out last week both suggested the new gaming system would be smaller and much more powerful than the Xbox One.  Assuming the rumors are true, it’s believed the next Microsoft gaming system could be released sometime in 2017.

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A Port Angeles bus driver is being called a hero after a violent attack on-board her bus that was caught on surveillance video. A look at the video shows a man kicking and beating an elderly passenger. Several passengers were at the back of the bus, huddled together on their cell phones, as the suspect beat the woman and then went for the bust driver. The bus driver was able to open the doors so everyone could get off the bus and she also disabled the battery on the bus. Once everyone was able to escape, the suspect tried to take off with the empty bus, but he couldn’t because of the bus drivers actions. The suspect is now in custody.

Watch the chilling video from Q13


The next film in the “Star Wars” saga is apparently going back into production for re-shoots because executives are in a panic that the movie isn’t going to do well.  The studio added four more weeks of production to “lighten the mood” and bring some humor into the story.  “Rogue One” is the first in a number of spin-offs scheduled within the Star Wars universe.  The film is still scheduled for a December release.

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Speaking of movies…

Emily Blunt is now Mary Poppins.  The actress will take over the role from Julie Andrews who played the mythical character in 1964.  The film, entitled “Mary Poppins Returns,” will focus on one of the original kids in the film as an adult in Depression-era London. This new story will have now-grown-up Jane and Michael Banks, who, along with Michael’s three children, are visited by Poppins following a personal loss. (Sounds so upbeat…yes, that was sarcasm)

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A high-school senior in Massachusetts had a prom to remember last week, but not in a romantic way. She accidentally swallowed her boyfriend’s boutonniere pin while dancing on a party bus en route to their prom. She didn’t know she swallowed it, and thought it was just long because she didn’t feel any pain. So the girl still went to prom and partied the night away. The next day, she had the pin surgically removed after an X-ray showed it lodged in her bronchial tube.

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