Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-May 2nd

(HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kat’s big brother, Beau! Pay him a visit at The Corner Door restaurant and bar if you’re ever near Los Angeles!)
Kat's Big Brother Beau


The current jackpot for the Powerball lottery has reached $348 million after going weeks without a big winner. The next drawing is on Wednesday. Individual tickets have only a 1 in 292 million chance of having the jackpot-winning six-digit combination. Even just guessing the Powerball number, which will get you $4, is hard — the odds are 1 in 38.


This is a BIG score for the fire department in the eternal battle of cops versus firefighters. A group of cops from the Kansas City Police Department’s tactical unit was taking an elevator at the police academy last week . . . but they went over the weight limit and got STUCK. So the fire department had to come rescue them…and they took a quick selfie in front of all the cops trapped in the elevator before they got them out.

Kansas City Missouri Police Department Facebook Page

Kansas City Missouri Police Department Facebook Page


Wow so much hate for the lady Ghostbusters! When the first trailer for the new “Ghostbusters” movie hit the web two months ago, it was met with IMMEDIATE dislike.  It’s now the most HATED movie trailer in YouTube history, with more than 604,000 dislikes as of last night.  Even the trailer for the new Adam Sandler movie “The Ridiculous Six” only has about 5,800 dislikes.  For the record, the MOST hated video on YouTube is Justin’s “Baby”, with almost 6 MILLION dislikes.

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A writer who’s never had kids has released a new book called “Meternity” that pushes for EVERYONE to get a few months off for maternity leave. Even if they’ve never had kids . . . because it’s only fair. She told the “New York Post” she was jealous of all her friends who’d get time off when they had a baby, because they’d come back more sure of themselves. And that having kids was the only path that provided flexibility at work. Well . . . it’s safe to say that she didn’t find a lot of allies after the article came out. The main issue people had on social media is that she seemed to confuse maternity leave with a vacation, when it’s literally the opposite: It’s the most sleep-deprived, stressful time in someone’s life.

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