Garth Brooks Announces New Album, Massive World Tour

By Annie Reuter

Today, (July 10) the stars finally aligned for Garth Brooks.

The dark cloud of his canceled Ireland comeback concerts slightly parted today at a Nashville press conference with the announcement of a new record deal with Sony Music, new music and a forthcoming tour, which will be announced on July 14.

Dressed in blue jeans, a blue button down shirt and baseball cap, Brooks took the stage to talk of his excitement to join Sony Music and slip a few hints as to what we can expect from his forthcoming album.

“I want to thank God and everyone who is giving me a second chance to look at a second career,” he said to journalists. “I don’t know too many artists who get this chance.”

He went on to say that he has never had more fun making music than right now.

“The world has changed, we know that. My job is to create, have fun, and find new songs.”

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While he’s busy creating, he announced that he will be making his entire catalog available for digital sale on his website.

“We’ve never allowed our stuff to go digital. When you do it right, you can all succeed,” he said. “We do digital the best we only know how. Digital will be handled at it will be the only place you can get Garth Brooks’ music.”

As far as new Garth Brooks music, it may be available as early as the end of this month.

“I’m going to say sometime around the end of this month. They told me to keep it vague,” he said. “Sometime in the next two months. The album is going to hopefully be released somewhere around Black Friday. The new record I think is what we traditionally know as a double album. I’m getting my ass kicked by these new songwriters today. We’re cutting everything except Garth stuff. The level of songwriting stunned me. [In Nashville] they have great grooves, great messages. I have a great time playing and writing again. I’m not sure that my writing is up to the level of the town right now. I’m hoping it’s because I’m rusty and I don’t suck.”

He added: “The first single might be one of the greatest statements ever. This album also holds a song on there that… I shouldn’t say this, that might have taken the place of ‘The Dance’ for me as my favorite Garth Brooks song. I didn’t write it but it’s a beautiful song.”

Read more about Garth Brooks’ upcoming album and tour at


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