No One Wants Taylor Swift’s Autograph

Taylor Swift may be a Grammy award winning singer and songwriter, but apparently, no one wants her autograph. There is a reason for it though. Why get something signed, when you can snap a selfie?

Swift confessed in a column for¬†the The Wall Street Journal that she hasn’t been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone with a front-facing camera. She called autographs “obsolete” according to Huffington Post.

More fans want to snap a selfie with the singer, and she said Instagram followers are the “currency”. Fans won’t be able to make money on their selfies one day, but it would make sense that even Swift sees the importance of selfies considering she has over 9 million Instagram followers, 41 million Twitter followers and 66 million Facebook¬†fans.

It’s okay Taylor, we still want your autograph.

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