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Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend Sells His Dog On Craigslist

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Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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Talk about winning the WORST ex-girlfriend of the year award. A soldier deployed in Afghanistan discovered his ex-girlfriend sold his dog while he was overseas.

Robert Gabbert, a soldier based in Fort Carson, Colo., left his 3-year-old Shiba Inu, Baxter, with his former girlfriend when he was deployed to Afghanistan in March. Instead of returning the dog to Gabbert’s family after their break-up, the ex-girlfriend sold the dog on Craigslist according to ABC News.

When Gabbert found out that Baxter was gone, he posted a note on the website pleading for anyone to help him get his dog back. Gabbert’s family was able to locate the dog, which was bought by a fellow military family. Gabbert’s mother reached out to the new owners, but the family was reluctant to give up Baxter because their children were already attached to the dog after only having it for a week.

The Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue offered to find a new puppy for Baxter’s current owners while supporters also set up a Facebook page called “Help Bring Baxter Home” to help raise money to pay the new owners in exchange for Baxter’s return.

The pleas have apparently worked, and there is an agreement in place to return Baxter to Gabbert. There is still no word as to why the ex-girlfriend sold the dog in the first place.

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