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38 Tacoma Students Pull A Bad Prank

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Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Kat_on_V 2 Kat on KMPS
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End of the year pranks are being taken to entirely new heights these days, but when a prank turned into vandalism at a local school, many students are now being forced to face the consequences.

A few students from Stadium High School in Tacoma jumped onto Twitter to brag about their prank, and it resulted in the suspension of 38 students.

According to Q13 News, more than a dozen cars near the school were covered them with Silly String, shaving cream and water balloons earlier this month. A few of the students decided take the prank even further by jumping on some of the cars, painting them with shoe polish, and urinating and defecating on the vehicles.

School officials discovered a group of juniors were involved after they bragged about the pranks on Twitter, and 38 students were suspended from the last two days of school. So far, it’s unknown if any of the students faced harsher punishment.

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