What State Has The Best And Worst Tippers

There aren’t many places you can go anymore that don’t have a container left out asking for “tips”. However, more and more people are stiffing servers at restaurants. It’s not everywhere though! You could be living in a state that is known for the best or worst tippers.

Quartz looked at millions of credit card payments at coffee shops, restaurants and food trucks to piece together what state’s residents are more or less likely to leave a good tip.

Overall, Washington seems to have some cheap tippers coming in low on the list of states that are nicest to their servers. Over 60% of people in The Evergreen State tip 15% at the most. Alaska actually has the best tippers with over 60% leaving more than 17% on their bills.

For restaurants, the nation’s top tippers can be found in West Virginia. The average tip was over 20% of the bill which is almost 4% higher than the average of diners across America.

The lowest-tipping state at restaurants was Nevada, which clocked in with an average tip of around 14%.

For coffee shops, you would think Washington would be cleaning up the competition, however it’s South Carolina that’s the kindest to those who make their cappuccinos giving an average 23%t tip.

Meanwhile, working the espresso bar in Hawaii means saying aloha to your tips. Residents there tip baristas on average 15%.

Check out more results HERE.

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