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Girl Scout Cookie Time [Photo]

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Photo Courtesy of KMPS Staff/ Holly

Photo Courtesy of KMPS Staff/ Holly

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Hearing a knock at your door? Doorbell ringing as we speak? Well it’s that time of year. Girl Scoucookie time!

Johnson and Johnson have a HUGE Girl Scout cookie announcement on Monday (March 3).

In the meantime, you can stock up on the cookies without having to wait outside a school, because that is definitely not recommended. There’s finally a Girl Scout Cookie-tracking app.

The app is simple: It finds cookies based on your geographical location according to People Magazine. With this being the first launch, the app isn’t perfected as of yet. The Girl Scout Cookie Locator is only available on iTunes, and it only finds public sales registered with the app so the little girl down the street might not know that you are craving 10 boxed of Thin Mints.

The good news is you can still go to the official Girl Scout website to FIND COOKIES.

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