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Map Reveals The Best-Selling Artist From Each State

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By Shannon Carlin

Have you ever wondered who has sold the most records in Hawaii? How about the musician who sold the most records in Hawaii who was also born there? Well, a new graphic reveals just that.

A Reddit contributor named, Ooosh-E, recently used data from the RIAA’s list of 250 top-selling musicians in the United States and figured out each state’s best selling resident.

There were the obvious ones like Billy Joel ruling New York, Bruce Springsteen winning out in New Jersey and Prince being the pride of Minnesota. Along with others that also didn’t seem too far-fetched like Kenny Rogers running things in Texas, Elvis Presley outselling any other Mississippi native and Madonna being the best seller in Michigan.

But there were a few surprises including New Kids on the Block taking the prize in Massachusetts over Aerosmith and Boston. And it’s not Nirvana who sold the most records in Washington, but Seattle native Kenneth Gorelick, better known as Kenny G.

And for the record, Bette Midler is the best selling artist from Hawaii. She was born in Honolulu.

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